Potter's Syndrome is one of several serious or fatal kidney abnormalities. In Potter's (or Potter) syndrome the baby's kidneys do not develop in the first few weeks of life in the womb. The baby's kidneys are essential for the production of amniotic fluid in the womb. If there are no kidneys, there is little or no amniotic fluid (this is known as oligohydramnios) to expand the womb around the baby and to allow the baby to grow and move. The womb remains small and in its confined space the baby's lungs cannot develop properly. Many babies with Potter's syndrome are stillborn. In those who are born alive, the immediate cause of death is failure to breathe (respiratory failure) due to underdeveloped (hypoplastic) lungs, usually one or two days after delivery. Even if this problem is treated the baby cannot survive without kidneys. (Potter's syndrome is also known as Renal Agenesis, which simply means that the kidneys did not develop).

Potter's sequence is the name given to a condition which resembles Potter's syndrome in that although the baby has kidneys, there is little or no amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios).This may sometimes be because the mothers waters have broken in mid-pregnancy, or due to developmental problems in the baby's kidneys or urinary system.In Potter's sequence, as in Potter's syndrome, the baby's lungs are compressed and cannot develop properly. The baby dies of respiratory failure within one or two days of delivery (subnote: although shorter and longer lifespans do exist).

(Excerpt taken from: When a Baby Dies by Nancy Kohner and Alix Henley)

Welcome to the Potter's Syndrome Website.

Whether your a family whose baby has just been diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome (Renal Agenesis, Potter's Sequence) or a family member or friend, or even someone who already has lost a baby to Potter's Syndrome and is looking for answers, this website was made for you.

We are so sorry you need be here in the first place, but as many of us are already aware of, information and support is critical.

We hope this website will be helpful to you in many ways. As a main source of information, with links to support and a place to meet and read stories of other families who are going through or have gone through the same experiences, emotions and questions you are now experiencing.

With the sincerest understanding of knowing and being there ourselves we wish you strength, peace and love via the internet.

Michele & Delores

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